N. Korea Escalates Threat to Pull Out of Summit with US

North KoreaA?ai??i??ai???s sudden threat to pull out of the upcoming summit with the U.S. raises new doubts of whether a denuclearization deal is possible.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un agreed to meet with U.S President Donald Trump in Singapore on June 12 to work out an agreement to end the NorthA?ai??i??ai???s nuclear program in exchange for security guarantees and an end to punishing international sanctions.

But on Wednesday North KoreaA?ai??i??ai???s Vice Foreign Minister Kim Kye Kwan released a statement through the state-run KCNA news agency that criticized A?ai??i??Ai??unbridled remarksA?ai??i??A? made specifically by the U.S. presidentA?ai??i??ai???s National Security Adviser John Bolton demanding that Pyongyang completely decommission its entire nuclear arsenal, along with its ballistic missile program and chemical weapons stockpile, before receiving any compensation or concessions.

He expressed A?ai??i??Ai??indignationA?ai??i??A? at the U.S uncompromising position and said North Korea might pull out of the Trump-Kim summit, unless the Trump administration acts with A?ai??i??Ai??sincerityA?ai??i??A? to improve relations through dialogue.

A?ai??i??Ai??If the United States is trying to drive us into a corner to force our unilateral nuclear abandonment, we will no longer be interested in such dialogue and cannot but reconsider our proceeding to the North Korea-U.S. summit,A?ai??i??A? the statement said.

The vice foreign minister also said it was A?ai??i??Ai??absolutely absurdA?ai??i??A? that Bolton would compare LibyaA?ai??i??ai???s experience dismantling its relatively rudimentary nuclear program as a model for dealing with the NorthA?ai??i??ai???s more advanced and expansive capabilities.

A?ai??i??ai???The vice ministerA?ai??i??ai???s remarks came shortly after the North abruptly canceled inter-Korean talks planned for Wednesday, citing ongoing joint military drills between South Korea and the U.S.

Source : VOA

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US-China Trade War Escalates After Trump Threat of More Tariffs

The trade war rhetoric between the United States and China escalated Friday with President Donald threatening tariffs on an additional $ 100 billion worth of Chinese goods and Beijing warning it will fight the United States “at any cost.”

Trump said Thursday he had instructed the U.S. trade representative to consider the additional tariffs after China issued a list of U.S. goods, including soybeans and small aircraft, worth $ 50 billion for possible tariff hikes. The United States had proposed tariffs on $ 50 billion worth of Chinese goods earlier this week.

The president’s latest threats notwithstanding, he has insisted the U.S. is not engaged in a trade dispute with the east Asian nation, and said Friday on Twitter his tariffs on aluminum imports already are benefiting the U.S. economy.

The White House said in a statement Friday the tariffs were announced against China because the country “continues to distort global markets and harm U.S. businesses and consumers with unfair trade practices.” The statement cited China’s “Made in China 2025” policy initiative, whose goal is “taking away domestic and international market share from foreigners.”

Source : VOA

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U.S. expects talks with China as trade fight escalates

The United States voiced willingness on Wednesday to negotiate a resolution to an escalating trade fight with China after Beijing retaliated against proposed U.S. tariffs on $ 50 billion in Chinese goods by targeting key American imports, but the Chinese ambassador to Washington said it “takes two to tango.”

Just 11 hours after President Donald Trump’s administration proposed 25 percent tariffs on some 1,300 Chinese industrial, technology, transport and medical products, China shot back with a list of similar duties on major American imports including soybeans, planes, cars, beef and chemicals.

Beijing’s swift and forceful response raised the prospect of a quickly spiraling dispute between the world’s two economic superpowers that could harm the global economy.

While Trump posted defiant messages on Twitter, his administration signaled possible wiggle room.

Source: Reuters

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