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Introduction to Jinhuan

Zhaoyuan Jinhuan Gyration Bearing Co., Ltd. is a professional gyration bearing and gyration reducer manufacturer, which integrates design, manufacturing and R & D together and has modern workshops, manufacturing and inspection equipment. Meanwhile, the Company comprehensively implements ISO9001:2015 quality management system, ensuring the quality of the products manufactured thereby. Furthermore, the Company has participated in the drafting of the standard ---- MT475-2009 Gyration Bearing Used for Boom-type Roadheader for the mining industry. The Company provides supporting service for various domestic roadheader manufacturers. The gyration bearing dedicated for boom-type roadheader, featuring stable operation, shock resistance and exclusive dust prevention technology, etc. has received highly recognition from numerous users.

Products of the Company include: 1. gyration bearing: single-row ball type (01 series, HS series, Q series and L series); double-row ball type (02 series and 03 series); three-row column type (13 series and S series); single-row cross pin roller type (11 series and HJ series) and light gyration bearing series, wherein the product model involves various standard and non-standard sizes in the range of 150mm~4500mm.

2. Gyration reducer includes gyration reducer used for engineering machinery and gyration reducer used for solar energy.

The gyration reducer is divided into fencing type, open type, dual-worm type, vertical type and dual-shaft type. The Company can manufacture and design products of different specifications according to requirements of users. At present, products of the Company have been widely applied to fields of engineering machinery, roadheader, robot, photovoltaic tracing, photo-thermal tracing, ship machinery, harbor machinery, construction machinery, environmental protection, metallurgical machinery, petro-chemical machinery, engineering vehicle, military equipment, wind power generation, etc.

Currently, the Company provides supporting service to SANY, XCMG and SUNWARD and the Company was rated as "excellent supplier" by SANY.



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