Doctor Hooves wears his Tom Baker Scarf as in “Slice of Life”

Made very plot relevant since most of the anime deals with Keita trying to adjust to his new school. Doctor Hooves wears his Tom Baker Scarf as in “Slice of Life”. The Romulans, Klingons, Kelvans (“By Any Other Name”) and one planet in star system 892 (“Bread and Circuses”) had empires, and that’s just from Star Trek: The Original Series.

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On days when you are traveling long distances or simply want

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BGE did tell customers what would happen during any given hour of a shutoff “event.” If you signed up for 50 percent cycling, your air conditioner would run only half as much as normal for that hour. Those opting for 75 percent cycling and bigger credits would see the AC operate a fourth as much.

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The bottom line is we have it and we have to adjust to it

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