If the Americans had understood Somalia’s

If the Americans had understood Somalia’s clan structure they would have realised that Aideed was not simply a ‘warlord’ heading a gang of baddies. When they spoke of ‘bringing him to trial’, they forgot that the only courts operating in south Mogadishu are those appointed by General Aideed. They thought it would be easy to kill or capture him, but they were wrong.

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Many of these were Pan London

Many of these were Pan London, including leading the technical delivery of the award winning shared eAdmission portal used by 100,000’s of parents each year. His first exposure to the NHS was working to develop an early Children’s Index with local NHS providers in South London.Prior to that he spent five years working as a Project Manager on the development, and global implementation, of a web based multilingual Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. This was focussed on supporting the delivery of Reproductive Health services in the developing world, and was implemented in 140 countries in 4 languages.

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